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From My Desk - Colleen DeVito 


I truly hope you are all enjoying your summer.  It seems like the lakes, parks, trails, and beaches are getting used by all in the area!  I am doing my best to have some down time while still preparing for our 2020-2021 school year.  As of right now, our 1st day will be October 5th.  Please prepare yourself and your children that school will look different than it did in their year or 2 past.  They will be placed in our care at the door, masks will be worn, classrooms will be set up differently, and toys will be properly placed for play.  However, also explain to them that Our Savior will still be a safe, fun, loving place for them as well.  We will still comfort your children, develop relationships with them, and make them feel special for their 3 hours with us.  The staff and I are very excited to come back in the fall.  We can't wait to see and hear all the children!!  Stay safe and healthy.  Hopefully, we will see you soon.



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