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From My Desk - Colleen DeVito 


Phew...we made it to through the first two weeks of school!  The first couple of weeks are always a little bit hectic with morning drop off if some kids are crying.  Sometimes the pick up seems a bit hectic because, by them , the kids are crying because they don't want to leave!!  lol!  All in all, I am thrilled with the start of the school year.  I know it sounds noisy and chaotic, but all criers are usually done before the moms are even back in their car.  

We are starting to really fall into our routine of things and get used to the flow of the classrooms.  Pre-K kids are navigating centers in their rooms, developing friendships, and overall getting used to being in school.  The study they are beginning is All About Me.  The Preschool class is beginning the study of Trees!  So much wonder in our daily lives.  

This upcoming month of October is tons of fun with apple testing, pumpkin picking, firetruck visiting, class pictures, crisper weather, watching the leaves turn colors, etc.  I hope you and your families get to have fun enjoying this beautiful time of year.