Special Events 

Back to School Night

Be sure to mark your calendar for the time and date of Back To School Night

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Spring/Fall 

Parent-Teacher Conferences are a wonderful opportunity for teachers and parents to communicate about a child's development both socially and academically.  This year we are excited to discuss your child's developmental growth through the Gold Assessment program.

Thanksgiving Chapel and Feast

November 14th and 15th

The Thanksgiving Chapel and Feast is celebrated each year and the children  

Immediately following drop -off, guests are asked to go upstairs to chapel.  Once all children have arrived and attendance has been taken, each class will go upstairs.  After a few short songs and a blessing from Pastor we will all enjoy a wonderful feast!

Dismissal is immediately following the feast.  There is NO lunch bunch either feast day. 

Christmas Chapel

December 19th

Our evening Christmas Chapel has turned into to a beautiful tradition at OSNS.

All family members are invited to watch their little ones retell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.  

Chapel Services

Chapel services are held twice/month.  

Once a month the children are led upstairs to the chapel.  Pastor Merz leads the children in prayer and teaches them a bible story as well as a song.

Once a month Pastor Merz goes into the individual classrooms for a chapel service.  Here, Pastor gets to visit with the children in their own environment to talk to them about a bible story and reinforce what has been taught.  

Easter Chapel

April 8th and 9th

Easter Chapels and Egg Hunts are held annually. 

Graduation Chapel

June 11th


Graduation Chapel is another one of our evening events.  Children will be dropped off at 6:15 and families are invited to go directly upstairs                                                                              

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