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At Our Savior Nursery School, we pride ourselves on the dedicated and outstanding staff of Professional Teachers, Teacher's Assistants and Administration. Each person in our school truly cares for your child as a concerned and dedicated professional.

Teachers and staff are required to maintain their professional skills and certifications by attending local and regional conferences, trainings, and classes to better enhance the classroom experience for all students on a yearly basis.  All staff are required to receive 20 hours of training each school year. 


Each Teacher is required to have 24 hours of training in Creative Curriculum.  We are proud of our learning through play philosophy and Creative Curriculum supports the importance of play and social/emotional development.


We encourage you to always communicate with your child’s teacher and interact with the Administration to best partner with our school to share in your child’s learning experience so it can be a gratifying and precious experience.

Kim Smith.jpg

Kim has been a part of the Our Savior family since 2012 and loves teaching the Pre-K 4's.  Kim's love of teaching shines through her classroom.  The children love being greeted by her hugs each morning and they get excited to see the changes she makes in the classroom throughout the year. Developing friendships, learning through play, expanding imaginations, and filling each other's "buckets" is a typical Pre-k morning! 

Brenda Roberts.jpg

Brenda has been at Our Savior Nursery School since 2018. She teaches Preschool 1 and loves to let children discover their environment through play.  She loves hands on activities, watching the little ones developmental growth, sharing with families, and teaching kindness.

Allyson VanDyke.jpg

Allyson started at Our Savior in 2017.  This year she will be teaching the Preschool 2 Class.  Her enthusiasm shines through her teaching and the children love learning through play in her classroom. Allyson loves child directed activities and really lets the children delve into learning through play.  They get messy, they laugh, they make friends, and they feel loved!

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